Storm Update from GSUSA

GSUSA and several sister Councils have been severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy; the full impact has yet to be assessed. We thank you for all the heartfelt notes sent after our update to you yesterday.

GSUSA and Support to Councils
Our GSUSA 420 Fifth Ave offices and our New Jersey Distribution Center will remain closed for the week; we have a several day estimate before power will be restored. More importantly our employees are still personally impacted by the storm and public transportation is very limited and being restored slowly. Their safety is our first concern.  

Sister Councils
Know that we are working to reach the several New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island Councils impacted by the storm. As we learn from them how they can best be supported through the recovery we will reach out to you for sister to sister support.

As we continue without power and our servers at GSUSA are down, you can track our status on blog.girlscouts.orgor or

Please contact Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast at 800-822-2427 or

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