Leadership Awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold

During the recent Leaderamas, we realized there is some confusion about the pre-requisites and approval process for obtaining the Higher Awards (Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards.) 

The council follows GSUSA standards for these awards so we all need to be handling them in the same manner. Some quick clarification is:

  • Bronze Awards (Juniors) require Troop Take Action projects. 
  • Silver Awards (Cadettes) require Individual or Small Group Take Action projects.
  • Gold Awards (Seniors/Ambassadors) require Individual Take Action projects. 
  • Bronze and Silver Awards do not require SU approval. They are to be approved by the Troop Leader based on the GSUSA guidelines.
  • Gold Awards are approved by the Council Gold Award committee.

Please share the “At-A-Glance” and a link to our Awards and Service page with your Leaders so they may effectively advise their Girl Scouts. Contact Pattie Mullins VP of Program and Volunteer Services or Marcy Reed, Volunteer Gold Award Committee Chair, if you have questions about any of the Highest Awards or want to set up a short presentation/training on the Highest Awards at an upcoming Service Unit meeting. 

You may send all of your higher awards questions to: mygoldaward@girlscoutsccc.orgThanks for all you do to further the Girl Scout mission.

For more details, you can read the Highest Awards “At-A-Glance” document prepared by GSUSA that provides an overview of the requirements and procedures. This document and a link to a Highest Awards FAQ are available on the GSCCC website’s Awards and Service page.
All Service Units should follow this procedure.


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