GSCCC Girl Scouts and Ventura Fish and Wildlife Conservation Effort Looks Promising

If You Build It They Will Come, But Will They Nest?

In November of 2015, GSCCC put on a special Day of Birds event at Camp Arnaz where Girl Scouts of all ages got to learn about and be exposed to their feathered friends and older girls had the option of also constructing floating nesting platforms in an effort to help the light-footed Ridgway’s rail, also known as the light-footed clapper rail – a near threatened bird whose numbers are continuing to decline. In January 2016 some of the girls went out to the Point Mugu marsh to help install the platforms. The hope was that in the months to come the elusive bird would find the platforms suitable for using for their nests.

Ventura Fish and Wildlife recently shared collected photos with us from the motion sensing cameras installed on each platform and it seems that the platforms have had a number of visitors of various kinds, day and night!

Keep an eye on the GSCCC website late next month for a page dedicated to this project. We’ll post more about the project and any developments. We’ll also post on our social media channels. We know from these photos that at least some birds are window shopping – we hope to see them making themselves comfortable next!

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