Amazing Experiences for Girls: Powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

Cookie Season has kicked off  – February 4 through March 19!

Did you know that when consumers buy Girl Scout Cookies, they’re helping to power new, unique and amazing experiences for girls—whether it’s a trip she’ll never forget, a service project that will change her community forever, or the opportunity to learn, grow, and build a lifetime of memories at camp!

GSCCC Troop 20536

The annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale program provides important leadership development skills, as well as vital funding resources for girls to pursue activities and service projects, purchase uniforms and materials, and attend camps. 

Yet, of all consumers, 49 percent do not know where Girl Scout Cookie money goes!

All of the net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program—100 percent of it—stays with the local council and troops!

Find a Cookie Booth near YOU, here!

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