Girls’ Choice Badges: Vote for Your Badge Design!

(from GSUSA)

As we shared last month, the next Girls’ Choice badge will be Troop Camping—after all, camp life is the best life! Now it’s time to vote on the badge design, because remember, it’s her world.

Starting today, until February 17, girls can vote on their favorite design  for the Troop Camping badges. After choosing their grade level, they’ll see two designs for the badge they’ll be able to earn this coming fall. That means Junior girls currently in fifth grade will vote on designs for the Cadette badge. And, although girls in 12 grade will not technically be able to earn a badge this fall, we want to hear their voices, too! They can still join the fun and vote on the Ambassador badge.

Remember, Girls’ Choice is all about giving girls a chance to shape their experiences and build their world. So adults can vote for fun, but only girl votes will count toward the winner.

We want to hear from her and her and her! Please go out and encourage every Girl Scout you know to make her voice heard by voting today .

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