WOW – The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary!

“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul” —
Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1866)
The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary is a non-profit, home to many beautiful parrots of all colors, shapes and sizes! Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast hosts one of our programs there for girls to learn more about these beautiful winged creatures.

Daisies attending the World of Wings (W.O.W) Parrot Program at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary had a wonderful time with their new feathered friends!
We are continuing this great STEM program! Please visit our Activities page for more dates and to register. Upcoming dates include: Saturdays, June 3, July 8 & August 5!

If you’re a Brownie, Daisy, Junior, Cadette, Senior or Ambassador, you can attend W.O.W. and earn the primary Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary patch and the World of Wings feather rocker! ( C.A.R.E. & P.A.L.S. Coming soon!)

Meet the Bird Sanctuary’s Avian Ambassadors, a vast array of birds in glorious shapes, colors, and sizes! We will explore their unique natural habitats, species behavior traits, and the personality quirks of birds. Girls will discover different parrot species and explore their appearance, behavior, and adaptations to their environment.

You will also learn how to create a foraging enrichment item for parrots. Please bring the following items (if possible!):

  • Cardboard paper towel rolls (No TP!) 
  • Round Coffee Filters 
  • Tissue/Napkins 
  • Paper Muffin Cups
  • Paper towels
  • Raffia
  • Almonds (in shell or hulled)
  • Wood chopsticks or skewers
  • Plastic bottle caps

 Click here for the W.O.W. Program Flyer!

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