SLO Daisy Troop #40001 Makes a Big Difference in their Community

“Daisy Troop #40001 started in early 2017 with the hopes of planting our own garden. The county of SLO put us on the waitlist and by July we were offered a plot.

The garden plot had been neglected for some time and the weeds were around 3 feet tall. It took quite a few weeks to finally clear everything and start from scratch. We wanted to really make a difference in our garden, so we decided the garden would not be just for us, but for the bees, butterflies and birds.

The ground was very hard so we decided we should build up, installing raised beds to hold our rich nutrient soil. Over the summer I found some free bricks on Craiglist and we hauled it down to the garden so that we could have a mud-free floor to have our Daisy meetings.

We built benches that attach to the boxes but can be removed if needed. After all the hard work and prep from the leaders and a few scouts we were ready to plant by our first meeting back. Each girl brought their garden gloves and a six pack of flowers to add. It has been a great meeting spot for us–the girls love to see the progress each time we visit! We made bee boxes to share with our neighbors in the garden while we earned our petal, ‘Make the World a Better Place.’ 

We have plans to build an Arbor next to hold our bird feeders and also display our Welcome sign for our Troop garden. Our hope is that people will come and enjoy our garden, have a seat, and see how a small group of girls is trying to make a big difference.” 

Jay Sears, Troop Leader, Troop #40001

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