This National Compliment Day, Give the Greatest Girl Scout Compliment of Them All

 (from GSUSA)

It’s National Compliment Day, and we are PUMPED! Because even though Girl Scouts never need a special occasion to show kindness to others, we love any day that encourages it! Started by New Hampshirites Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman, National Compliment Day was created in 1998 (that’s two decades of flattery!) and is a great reminder that a compliment a day can go a really long way. Compliments are powerful: they make us smile. They give us confidence. They validate our hard work. And they can turn even the unhappiest frown upside down.

This year, celebrate National Compliment Day Girl Scout style by letting someone in your life know how you’ve noticed their G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ spirit shine.

Have you seen someone being extra bold? Honest? Determined? Have you watched in awe as they fail only to get back up again and again, never giving up on their goals no matter what? Do they fearlessly express their vision, even when others don’t get it? Tell them they’re a GO-GETTER!

Do you know someone who thinks outside the box to solve a problem or accomplish something they have their heart set on? What about creativity and curiosity—have you noticed that special spark in their eyes? Tell them they’re an INNOVATOR!

Or maybe you know someone who’s courageous and strong in the face of an obstacle, when confronting their fears, or when making an important decision. Are they always up for trying new things, even when they’re not sure how or they’re nervous? Do they embrace the unfamiliar? Tell them they’re a RISK-TAKER!

What about someone who exudes confidence, knows their strengths and how to use them for the greater good, always acts responsibly, and is committed to changing the world? Have they shown empathy when taking the lead? Do they support and empower others whenever they can? Tell them they’re a LEADER!

And if you want to make someone feel extra special today, shout them out on social media with their G.I.R.L. compliment using #NationalComplimentDay, and don’t forget to tag @girlscouts, too!

Happy complimenting, G.I.R.L.s!

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