Creative Ways to Display Badges & Patches

Busy Girl Scouts engaged in lots of activities may find the space available to display their badges and patches fills up quickly! If you’re running out of room on your vest or sash and looking for ways to creatively display those patches, we have some fun solutions for you!

Attach to Ribbons

Ribbons are customizable and can be easily attached to your backpack or hung up on your wall!

Paper Vests

Take a paper bag or filing folder to create your own mock Girl Scout uniform! Clip it to a hanger for an easy way to display.

Graduating or Bridging Girls

If you’re planning a bridging or end-of-year ceremony, try out one of these creative ways to present new badges and patches to the girls. Graduating Girl Scouts can re-purpose their patches and badges by adding them to a tote bag!

Paper Bouquets

Add patches and badges to the ends of skewers and arrange a bouquet to present to your Girl Scouts!

Quilts and Pillows

Show off everything you’ve accomplished and decorate your room by adding your extra badges and patches to a quilt or pillow! We love these ones that re-purpose old vests!

Wall Hangings

There are tons of creative ways to turn your patches into hanging decorations. Some of our favorites include poster boards, pennants, and shadow boxes.


Looking for extra creative ideas? Get in touch with your crafty side and check out our Badges and Patch Displays board on Pinterest! If you’re still in need of an official Girl Scout vest or sash to show your patches off, visit our online Girl Scout shop to get started! Don’t forget to share all of your girl’s awesome work with us by emailing!