5 Ways to Support Your Girl Scout This Cookie Season

The long-awaited cookie season is upon us, and there are so many reasons to be proud of your Girl Scout! From stepping outside of her comfort zone by approaching new customers, to committing to a sales goal that will send her to camp this summer, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is designed to give girls the necessary skills and confidence to run their own business. While your girl takes the reigns, there are so many ways you can support her! Here are our top 5:


1) Know Before You Go!

The best way you can prepare for cookies is to learn the information that will help your Girl Scout succeed! Get familiar with the immediate and long-term benefits of the cookie program, including the 5 Skills girls learn along the way (goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics) and how her cookie proceeds can fund amazing experiences throughout the year. Get to know the cookies and help your Girl Scout become an expert on her products.

Our council and local Service Units are also fantastic resources of information. Attend your local SU informational meetings, sign up for a helpful webinar, or join one of our annual Cookie U’s at a location near you! Follow our Facebook page for important updates, fun contests, and more throughout the season. Don’t forget to sign up with ABC’s Smart Cookies to set goals, manage your sale, track your progress, and more! (Information on how to register can be found at the bottom of this page under “For Troops.”)


2) Practice Her Pitch

Some girls might be a little nervous about the prospect of speaking to new customers, but before you simply offer to take that order form to work with you, turn nerves into a learning experience! Offer to practice your girl’s sales pitch with her, brainstorm a list of people she could sell to, or rehearse potential questions that customers might ask during a cookie booth. Some examples include:

  • What’s your favorite cookie?
  • What are you or your troop’s sales goals?
  • What do you plan on using your proceeds for this year?

Help your Girl Scout network with friends and family, but let her do the final “ask” so that she can learn important business skills along the way!

Cookie17_11163 (2)3) Support Her Troop

The cookie program is a group effort, and troops can always use a helping hand during this busy time of year! Offer to help provide transportation for order-taking or deliveries, take girls on their door-to-door walkabout sales, or sign up to supervise a troop cookie booth. Not only will you be providing some much-needed assistance, but parents and volunteers can also utilize this time to be a role model for business ethics and safety rules. Girl Scouts are experts at learning by doing, and you can be their primary example!

Cookie17_11818.jpg4) Expand Her Radius

Instead of just collecting orders at your office, why not offer to make a poster together that explains her troop’s goals and have her deliver the cookies personally? Although it may seem helpful to do the leg work for your Girl Scout, by doing so you could be depriving her of a great learning experience! Help expand her network of customers by offering to arrange taking orders at your workplace, place of worship, yoga class, etc., then sit back and let her do the talking! You can also help spread the word about her business by sharing with friends on family on social media. Check out some of the great resources available in our 2020 Digital Cookie Promo Kit!

Help her experience come full circle by linking your business expertise to the wider business world. How can you help connect her experiences selling cookies to entrepreneurship?


5) Let Her Take the Lead!

Last but not least, never do things for your Girl Scout that she can do herself! From handling a customer’s change at booths to choosing how to use her earnings, like everything in Girl Scouts – to make it girl-led…let girls take the lead! When cookie season comes to a close, she can take pride in knowing that she earned each one of those sales all on her own.

Looking for more cookies? Head on over to our website for more helpful information, resources, and more!