Do you know a Girl Scout volunteer who always goes
above and beyond?

Take a moment to think about how Girl Scouts would change if there were no volunteers. What would that environment look like? Volunteers are an essential resource for all Girl Scouts success, which is why volunteer appreciation is so important. Volunteers give their generous commitment and efforts in support of building girls of courage, confidence, and character.

We must take the opportunity to recognize the efforts of the individuals who have raised funds, lead troops, and the many roles that volunteers play. Most of all volunteers are role models/mentors. Their influence provides every girl, around the world, with a safe environment where girls can share their experiences while participating in programs and activities that help them develop into wonderful adults.

Appreciation and recognition are important factors in volunteer retention. When volunteers are happy and valued, they are encouraged to come back and continue to keep troop matters running smoothly and encourage girl’s need to reach their goals.


Say “Thank You” often.

We shouldn’t wait until volunteer appreciation month or at the end of a major event to show appreciation for our volunteers’ efforts. Volunteer recognition should happen year-round, both informally and formally.  You can send a nice e-card/thank you card or feature them in your volunteer newsletter. A simple, sincere gesture can go a long way to let volunteers know how much you value their time and leadership.

Nominate them for a Girl Scout Award

A more formal way to recognize an outstanding volunteer for all they do, is with Girl Scout’s national and council awards. You can nominate your fellow volunteers for everything from their incomparable dedication to their exceptional service. Simply browse our award criteria and fill out a nomination form by midnight January 27, 2022. Volunteer Recognitions

Personalize it. Give Them Something Special

Take the time to get to know your volunteers and their interests. Get creative and crafty! Give that special volunteer something handmade with love!  It will help you learn how to recognize each supporter and make them feel irreplaceable.

Share a Shout Out on Social Media

To share your appreciation beyond the council, let the whole world know how much you appreciate your Girl Scout volunteers by giving them a shout-out on your social media pages! During National Volunteer Appreciation Month April 1, Sign into your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and share a photo or post showcasing why your volunteer is awesome! Tag @GirlScoutsCCC on your post, so we can follow the fun.