Dive Alert!

Tonight we will perform another dive, with both ROVs (Argus & Hercules). We will be diving near the "East of Eden 3" site, and other targets that we identified as being potential active hydrothermal vents during our reconnaissance dive a few days ago.We will be studying the geological features, looking for interesting biological features (including … Continue reading Dive Alert!

Land Ho!

Today started and ended magically. Today was the day we finally arrived at the Galápagos.Just after breakfast it appeared through the clouds in the distance: San Cristóbal Island! This is the first island of the archipelago that Darwin stepped foot on in 1835. It is comprised of several extinct volcanoes linked together, and is a jumble … Continue reading Land Ho!


Another long day spent in transit. Today, the sea was not as calm as yesterday, and the choppy water has sent confusing messages to my inner ear, resulting in bouts of seasickness. Unfortunately, I lost my breakfast shortly after consuming it. Fortunately, I made it to the bathroom in time.The choppiness of the water did … Continue reading Seasick