Melissa Baffa Explores the Ocean Depths Aboard E/V Nautilus this August!

For the second year in a row Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast’s Melissa Baffa, VP of Program and Volunteer Services, will be boarding the E/V Nautilus this summer to explore the ocean depths along the Pacific Coast. 

Melissa has been chosen as Lead Science Communication Fellow for 2016 by the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET). As part of her fellowship, Melissa will be joining the expedition from August 1 through 14 to help promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) based research to the public, including nearly 11,000 girls belonging to GSCCC. 
Melissa and members of the Corps of Exploration will search the deep sea off the coast of Southern California. The Nautilus will be exploring all along the coast of California, including stops in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary & more. 
Got questions? 

You can send them to Melissa in real timeas you watch a live dive! Melissa and the crew will participate in a live audio commentary followed by Q&A sessions via, while aboard the ship. 

Get dive alerts by following the team on Twitter at @EVNautilus!

Tour the E/V Nautilus in person in San Pedro (July 22) or in San Francisco (August 17). Spots are limited – visit the GSCCC Events calendar and register today!
Tune in to KVTA 1590 between 8-9 am on July 23 to hear Melissa talk about the expedition.
For more information, follow us online, on Facebook and Instagram at NautilusLive, and on Twitter as @EVNautilus.

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