Dive Alert – Kimki Ridge

We diving on Kimki Ridge, a 200m tall hill rising from the floor of the Catalina Basin. We believe that three cold seeps exist along the crest of the ridge, where methane emanates and creates a unique underwater habitat that is home to an array of bizarre creatures. Within Catalina Basin itself, we expect to see large beds of glass sponges. It should be an exciting dive, lasting until 8 am on 8/6. The vehicles are in the water right now, and the team is in the control van and ready for your questions. I am on watch from 8-12. Write in with your name (& troop #, if you’re a Girl Scout), and I’ll be happy to mention you on-air! Please share through social media using #NautilusLive

The above is part of a multi-part series to run over the next week and a half. Melissa Baffa, Vice President of Program and Volunteer Services for GSCCC, is part of the Corps of Exploration again this year, exploring the deep sea aboard the E/V Nautilus. This blog series chronicles her dive into the Unknown.

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