GSUSA’s CEO Sylvia Acevedo visits MOXI with local Girl Scout Troops!

GSCCC CEO Jody Skenderian and GSUSA’s CEO Sylvia Acevedo with local Girl Scout Troops at MOXI in Santa Barbara

WOW! We were lucky enough to have Girl Scouts of the USA’s (GSUSA) national CEO Sylvia Acevedo visit our council yesterday! Sylvia shared her inspiring story of growing up as a Brownie and becoming a Rocket Scientist on the tour. Sylvia started her career as a rocket scientist at the Jet Propulsion Labs where she worked on the Voyager mission’s fly by of Jupiter and its moons and the Solar Polar/Probe missions.

After her visit with our council, she toured MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation with GSCCC’s CEO Jody Skenderian along with local Girl Scout Troops. 

This visit also helped promote GSCCC’s new MOXI Girl Scout Patch. This patch program provides girls and troops a fun and interesting way to engage with the exhibits at MOXI.

The patch program is for Girl Scouts of all levels. To earn it, girls can download the GSCCC MOXI Patch Program. When finished, a form is filled out to complete the MOXI Patch Program, and the patch can then be purchased via eBiz.

Thank you to the staff at MOXI who welcomed us and all who attended! 

It was a STEMtastic day in Santa Barbara!

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