Daisy Overnight at Camp Arnaz!

On behalf of our Teen Advisory Committee (TAC), we are welcoming 
all Daisies who are ready to get outdoors for a fun and exciting 
overnight adventure at Camp Arnaz!
Daisy Girl Scouts are just getting started, but what is a better way to introduce your Daisies to outdoor skills than at our very own Camp Arnaz!
Daisies, Troop Leaders, and parents, will be camping inside the Main Lodge. 
This program has been designed to provide Daisies with a safe introduction to troop camping and outdoor skills. Everyone will be sleeping indoors. There will be healthy snacks available throughout the evening and a coffee/tea station available for adults at all times. This event is run exclusively by GSCCC and will be a fun experience for all participants!
Daisies will participate in workshops led by the TAC Team and will include the following:
  • Animal Tracking—Track casting and learning all about local wildlife!
  • Survival Skills—What does a Daisy do if she is lost? She will know after this workshop!
  • Fire Building—Edible fire. Yummy!
  • Crafts—This is a take-home surprise! No peeking!
  • Pitching a tent— All camping skills start somewhere!

 For more information, please read the flyer.

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