2019 Cookie Sale Program Troop Proceeds Bonus Opportunity


Want to get a start on your

2019 Cookie Sale?

Here is an opportunity to earn an 

additional $.05 per box in 2019!

“Early Bird” Cookie Bonus! *Early bird patch exclusive to the cookie sale.
Part One: By June 30, 2018 earn $.03 per package in the 2019 Cookie Sale as follows:
  • Have 2 adults registered and background cleared
  • Have registered in MyGS – 10 Daisy, Brownies, Junior or Group girls or 6 Cadettes or 4 Senior, Ambassadors 
  • Participate in the 2018 Fall Sale with a total Troop sale of $75.00 or more of nut/candy items, online or in-person.
Part Two: By March 10, 2019 earn and additional $.02 per package in the 2019 Cookie Sale. (Part one must be completed to qualify) that is a total of an additional $.05.
  • Have the following: A troop PGA, of registered Girls, with 250+ packages by the end of the 2019 cookie sale. 
Look out for an email link to request your gluten free cookies this August for 2019! 
These cases of cookies will need to be added as part of your Troops initial order, due in late December. There will be no re-orders of gluten free cookies available during the sale. This variety of cookie will not be exchangeable at Service Unit or Council cupboards during the 2019 sale either.
Share photos and stories of the exciting adventures and/or meaningful projects that your troop did with their hard earned cookie funds! Just shoot an email to: media@girlscoutsccc.org
*All registered girls in “Early Bird” qualifying Troops will receive an Early Bird Cookie Patch in Fall 2018.


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