Cookie Bonus Opportunity – Cookie Sale Program 2019

Want to get a start on your 2019 Cookie Sale? Here is an opportunity to earn an additional $.04 per box in the 2019 Cookie Sale!

“Online On Time” Cookie Bonus:  Earn up to an additional $.04 per package during the 2019 Cookie Sale Program.
Part One – By September 30, 2018 – to earn $.02 per package in the 2019 Cookie Sale:
  • Must have – 2 adults registered and background cleared.
  • Must have – 10 Daisy, Brownies, Junior or Group girls, 6 Cadettes or 4 Senior, Ambassadors registered in MyGS.

Part one – B – By November 15, 2018:

  • Participate in the 2018 Fall sale with a total Troop sale of $75.00 or more of nut/candy items, online or in-person.
All registered girls in “Online on Time” qualifying Troops will receive an Online Ontime Cookie Patch in Fall 2018.
Part Two – By March 10, 2019 – to earn and additional $.02 per package in the 2019 Cookie Sale. (*Part one must be completed to qualify.)
  • Have – a troop PGA, of registered girls, of 250 packages or more by the end of the 2019 Cookie Sale.
For additional questions please email





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