Gold Award Girl Scouts – Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright sought out to make a difference in the lives of animals awaiting a new home. She set out to the Ventura County Animal Shelter in order to reach out to those in need and create a solution.

The idea for her project stemmed from noticing the overcrowding at shelters, due to potential pet owners “shopping” at pet stores rather than considering adoption. To combat this, Rachel wanted to devise a way to showcase adoptions in a positive light.


IMG_1654In the attempt to ramp up enthusiasm for adoption on social media and make the process exciting for new pet owners, Rachel decided she would create a mural and hashtag (#adoptedatvcas) for her local shelter. “I decided to create this banner backdrop after I adopted my yorkie, Honey, at the Simi Valley Animal Shelter. There was no exciting place to take a picture and share about my adoption, so I decided that I would create one for future families to have the option to do so! This will make adopting appear more appealing and fun while spreading awareness for adoption on social media,” Rachel said. “There are excellent animals at the shelter that are worthy of homes, and I wanted to make the adoption process as exciting as possible.”

Beginning with several scaled drawings of what the mural would look like on a canvas, Rachel was able to create the final product. “After hours of hard work, calculations, and research, I was finally able to see my vision come to life, and it was exactly as I had envisioned it,” she said. “I was very proud of how I was able to create my idea accurately on a very large scale. The marketing manager at the shelter was also very impressed with my work.”



Rachel hopes that visitors and adopters that come to the shelter will use the hashtag and mural photos in order to spread awareness to their followers on social media, which could influence their friends and family members to consider adoption as well. “My project can spread nationally or globally through social media,” she says. “By bringing awareness to adopting over shopping for animals online, I have the ability to reach people across the globe. Anyone looking through the hashtag or on the page of someone who uses it can be inspired to help spread awareness, or even adopt their own pet.”


Completed tie dye effect

She also led a day camp at a local parks and recreation center, where she educated kids about what adopting means and discussed personal connections with shelters. “The children I taught at camp benefited because they learned about what shelters are, and that it is a great way to help save a pet in need of love,” Rachel says.

At the shelter, she included a write up to be hung next to her mural with the steps to create a similar one. She encourages other individuals interested in helping animals in need to recreate this project at their local shelters.


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