Gold Award Girl Scouts – Kaylee Jacques

E7B9DE8A-47EF-4D30-AE21-3303885F60D9Kaylee Jacques is a junior at Oaks Christian School. Her passion for video and photography inspired her Gold Award project, Video for a Cause, for which she created numerous short videos about the organization, Many Mansions, and their services.

Many Mansions is a nonprofit corporation that has provided well-managed, service-enriched, affordable housing to low-income residents of Ventura County and its surrounding communities since 1979. They specifically focus on those of very low income, who are formerly homeless, seniors, veterans, or disabled.

In her mission to make a sustainable change within her community and make the world a better place, Kaylee photographed and filmed some Many Mansion’s promotional events for their social media channels and websites. She also edited several videos, which were used in order to thank and promote their donors and to send to community groups.

kaylee 1“My project addressed the lack of video and photos that Many Mansions had and my content was posted on their various social media sites, which spread the word about the issue of homelessness, need for affordable housing, and the services of Many Mansions,” Kaylee said. “Many Mansions was able to draw new volunteers, donors and community groups through my content, which has made a big impact. Furthermore, the community is now more aware of Many Mansions and what they do.”

Bambi Hosaka, the PR Manager for Many Mansions, stated that lack of staff resources and time are the biggest issues of why outreach is not always addressed. In the past, lack of knowledge of video filming and editing has cause the nonprofit to fall behind in content for their website, YouTube, and social media channels.

Kaylee babysat in order to raise funds for her project, which included the purchase of video equipment. Events she photographed and filmed included the Boys Team Charity of Conejo Valley Class of 2018 Garden Project, the Boys Team Charity of Conejo Valley Class of 2019 Garden Project, Many Mansions Summer Camp, Many Mansions Bowl Painting Party, Summer Camp Donation Thank You, Backpack Delivery and Food Forward Pickup, Ice Cream Social, Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, and a Thanksgiving Basket Drop-off.

kaylee 2While reflecting on earning her Gold Award, Kaylee said, “I learned more about homelessness and affordable housing. My communication skills grew because of this project. I interacted with many of their residents, volunteers and donors. I was able to explain my project to others and coordinate the best way to video or photograph the event. I have also talked with fellow Girl Scouts thinking about their Gold Award and shared my experience in order to inspire them.”

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