Girl Scout Dads: John Gorman

John Gorman has lived in Thousand Oaks his whole life. As an environmental inspector for LA County, he enjoys being out in nature (particularly anything ocean or beach-related). Before joining Girl Scouts as a volunteer, his fascination with the weather led him to pursue a degree in atmospheric science from UCLA.


John and Abby Gorman

When the co-leader of his daughter’s troop was relocating, John stepped up to help out troop leader Beverly Christian of Girl Scout Troop 60605. “I’ve enjoyed it ever since,” he said. “Bev is incredible and dedicates so much of her time and energy to the Girl Scouts. I’m just glad to help her and the troop out.”

Girl Scouts has made an impact in his life ever since, especially when it comes down to spending time with his daughter, Abby. “Any time you can spend interacting with your child is positive for both of you,” John said. “Having dedicated time for you and your daughter promotes a sense of bonding you wouldn’t get with just normal daily interactions. It opens up new lines of communication and has helped me to view the father I was and the father I wanted to be.”

20190223_075224.jpgThere’s been an abundance of opportunities for John to follow his love of the outdoors with his Girl Scout troop. Along with the girls, some of his favorite excursions include their camping trips and exploring new places. “One particular trip that stands out was our visit to Hearst Castle along with a night of camping at San Simeon,” he said. “We found a scenic footbridge by the beach to perform our bridging ceremony and got to check out the elephant seals.”

At Girl Scouts, we want each girl to feel comfortable in being 100% themselves. Whether she’s an athlete, explorer, scientist, or artist, girls are encouraged and supported by one another to be the best versions of themselves! “I love that our troop is a collection of different personalities and characters,” John said. Sometimes just sitting back and watching is all the entertainment one would need. Plenty of silly things have happened, jokes played on one another, but I think I’ll keep them within the troop.”

In the powerful all-girl space that Girl Scouts create, girls are equipped with the skills to make their own decisions, seek challenges, and develop a strong sense of self. When asked how he uses his involvement with Girl Scouts to empower young females, John said, “I think that a girl-led troop is the goal. That’s my aim, to help the young ladies in our troop build the confidence, character, knowledge and experience to be able to run their own troop with Bev and I there just to provide assistance.”


John has seen firsthand how Girl Scouts makes a difference in girl’s lives through his daughter’s own experience. “My daughter has been introduced to people, activities and events through Girl Scouts that she would have never had the opportunity to experience without having been involved,” he said. “She has developed social skills that will help her throughout her life. Perhaps most importantly, I feel as though she has gained self-confidence.”

John says that while he does love to help out, he’s continuously motivated to volunteer because of how much he enjoys playing a bigger role in his daughter’s life. On top of that, he finds it rewarding to act as a positive male role model in other girl’s lives. If he could have his troop take away one key lesson from their Girl Scout experience, it would be to “be confident in yourself.”

Are you ready to help girls thrive while they explore all that they can be? Be the role model they’ll always remember as they discover new passions, build confidence, and learn new skills that will last a lifetime. Join as a Girl Scout volunteer today!