6 Reasons Why Being a Girl Scout Volunteer is the Best

There are so many reasons why our volunteers keep coming back year after year, but the most common answer? They do it for the girls! And we certainly couldn’t do it without them. While our volunteers give their heart and soul to ensure that girls get everything possible out of our program, the girls aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits! Here are six reasons why being a Girl Scout volunteer is the best!


1. You’ll learn new skills

With Girl Scouts, you’ll have the opportunity to try things that you may never have had the chance to before! Whether it be going on an overnight backpacking trip for the first time or helping your girls learn to code at a workshop, you’ll be surprised at how many new things you might have a hidden talent for (and actually enjoy!). Furthermore, those new skills could benefit your professional life! Did you know that more employers recruit candidates with volunteer experience? Not only does it give you the chance to build on talents such as event planning or people skills, but you’ll also expand your network, builds your confidence, and helps you get to know yourself. In fact, two-thirds of volunteers say that Girl Scouts has helped them professionally. It’s a win-win!


2. You’ll find your tribe

When you join Girl Scouts, you become part of a sisterhood that is 1.7 million girls and 750,000 adult members strong. There’s strength in numbers, especially when they share the same passion of coming together in support of girls! The Girl Scout Network is a powerful community of trailblazing adults that want to see you succeed and empower you through the process. As like-minded men and women that want the same thing for our girls, we’re in it together! And as you find your place in the home we call Girl Scouts, we are ready to encourage you, support you, and share in your accomplishments every step of the way.


3. You’ll serve your community

Volunteering is known to reduce stress and anxiety, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose. By doing good for others and creating meaningful connections, you’ll find your self-confidence flourishing and a natural sense of accomplishment. And the better you feel about yourself, the more likely you are to have a positive view of your life and future goals! Not only will you be helping girls become the best versions of themselves they can be, but you’ll also share with them the benefits of helping those in need. Eighty-eight percent of Girl Scout volunteers say their volunteer experience with us makes their life better, and all the while they’ve made a difference in the lives of girls and community members alike!


4. You’ll get out of your comfort zone

Maybe it’s your first time leading a group of girls in a large activity, or maybe you’ve never camped on the ground in a tent! At Girl Scouts, we give our girls and volunteers the opportunity to explore their interests and learn new skills in a safe, all-girl environment. Whether you want to try your hand at white water rafting or take a cooking class with your girls, we’re ready to give you every chance to do so with the support and resources you need. You never know what hidden talents and new passions you’ll discover!


5. You’ll become a role model

Role models affect how a girl views her own potential. As they mature, girls will use the adults around them as a reference for who they will become and what behaviors to emulate. Presently, there are far more examples of strong, courageous, and intelligent women in our government, popular culture, businesses, sports teams, and beyond to prove to girls that they can truly accomplish anything. However, role models that are more accessible make for more easily imaginable visions of success! You can be that inspiring force for your girls by showing your kindness, compassion, confidence, and dedication to making the world a better place. Ninety-five percent of volunteers say they make girls’ lives better at Girl Scouts (and that makes them happy!).


6. You’ll create the best memories

Our volunteers have the best stories to share. With their troops and fellow volunteers alike, they’ve explored the world, laughed until they cried, and celebrated every accomplishment big and small together. You get to be front and center as girls master new things they would have never tried before, hit every major milestone, and grow as individuals before your very eyes. When you fill with pride watching your troop of Brownies bridge to Juniors, or your Ambassadors receive their Gold Awards and head off to college, you might even forget if it’s you or your girls that are the ones changing lives!


Ready to change the lives of girls AND your own? Girls on waitlists to join Girl Scouts are eager and ready to get started – all they need is you! Start your journey today by joining us as a Girl Scout volunteer!