Dynamic Daisies: 5 Benefits of Girl Scouting for Grades K-1

When there is an overwhelming number of extracurricular activities you could enroll your girl in, you may wonder, “Why Girl Scouts?” Even as kindergarteners and first graders, girls can begin to develop important leadership characteristics that will continue to shape her growth.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to develop a strong sense of self, display positive values, seek challenges, form healthy relationships, and be community problem-solvers. With Girl Scouts, you’ll be setting her up for success both in and out of the classroom.

Along with all of the fun and adventure she’ll experience along the way, here are 5 Benefits of Girl Scouting for Daisies:

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1.      Beginning to Bloom!

Girl Scouts are encouraged to pursue any and all of their passions, all while being the best versions of themselves they can be. As girls are encouraged to be their authentic selves, act as part of a group, and make their own decisions, they begin to develop confidence, personal responsibility, and respect for others. This increased sense of self not only helps them in troop meetings, but in everyday life, as they’re able to approach others in the classroom, ask for help from an adult when they need it, and begin to understand themselves, their values, and their worth.

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2.      Daring Decision-Makers

Daisies quickly learn that they can lead and make their own decisions. Girl Scouts is designed to be girl-led, so while troop leaders provide guidance and options to choose from, Daisies are the doers, the planners, and the implementers of their activities. Girls are able to learn important communication and decision-making skills by expressing what they like (or don’t), what interests them, what matters to them, and why. The result? Decision-making with informed reasoning they can use in the future!

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3.      Cooperation Nation

As part of a troop, your Daisy will have no shortage of new friends to make. More importantly, she’ll learn how to work as part of a team. Girl Scouts has some built-in methods of cooperative learning, such as having girls work in small groups to run troop meetings (cleaning up, distributing snacks, helping the troop leader, etc.) or using the buddy system on field trips. They’ll also have to work as a group to make decisions such as how to use leftover cookie money or where to volunteer.


4.      Learning by Doing

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is based on experimental learning. What this means is that girls engage in an activity or experience, look back on it, and identify useful insights for the future. By completing an activity and reflecting on what they’ve done as a group, Daisies are able to gain insight into the meaning behind their lessons. This translates to life outside of their troop as well, as girls will be able to identify the things they’re doing at home or in the classroom that demonstrate the same petal characteristics (honest and fair, respect myself and others, considerate and caring, etc.) they learn about in meetings!

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5.      Kindness is Contagious

Everyone knows how good it feels to give back, and Daisies are able to experience it early on by completing a Leadership Journey with their troop. By teaming up with their fellow Girl Scouts, girls will identify a problem they want to do something about, come up with a sustainable and creative solution, create a plan, and put it into action. As a troop, they’ll pick the topic that interests them most, which could be anything from caring for animals at a local shelter or cleaning up a local park! Girls will become more aware of others in the community who demonstrate the important values they admire, and you’ll watch her leadership qualities blossom.

With Girl Scouts, we know what unlimited potential your girl has, and we’re here to help her accomplish all of her wildest dreams and support her every step of the way. Whether she wants to protect the world’s oceans, climb the tallest mountain tops, or travel among the stars, the sky is the limit. Girl Scouts is just the first step.

Ready to get started? Visit here for more information on how to sign your Daisy up today!