Cookie Kick-Off Checklist

It’s nearly here, everyone’s favorite time of year…Girl Scout Cookie Season! With the growing anticipation and excitement, it’s easy to gloss over a few of the basics. Make sure you’re prepared for this year’s Cookie Program by reviewing a few helpful items on our Cookie Kick-Off checklist!

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With both your troop and individual Girl Scouts, it’s important to start the Cookie Program off with one of the five skills that it’s built on – goal setting! Girls should begin by setting their individual goals, such as which Program Reward they’d like to aim for. As a troop, girls can collaborate on something they’d like to save up for, such as a program to attend, camp, a special field trip, or a service project. Troops with younger Girl Scouts may find it helpful to bring along a visual aid (like fun photos!) while choosing between options.

Once the girls are set on their goals and activities, work together to figure out how much each activity costs. Then, plan how many boxes each girl will need to sell to make it possible! Bonus activity: decorate a cookie goal tracker to set up at your booths and share it with customers!


Earn Your Cookie Badges

If you participated in our annual Cookie U event, you may already be on your way to a cookie-related badge! These badges are a great way to practice and master the five essential skills of the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. The badge activities can be found in each grade level’s Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Try breaking up the activities for a half-day of cookie-focused workshops, or work on a few each meeting to really connect what the girls are learning throughout the season.


Bling Your Booth!

Cookie booths are a fantastic way for girls to meet new people, share their goals, and show potential customers what being a Girl Scout is all about! Brightly decorate cookie booths tend to draw more attention and attract more customers! Looking for booth inspiration? Check out our Cookie Booth Pinterest board for theme ideas, fun costumes, DIY banners and much more!

You can also utilize these printable resources from GSUSA to share with customers at your booth, including handouts and brochures on where the cookie money goes, financial empowerment, the 5 skills and more!


Become a Cookie Pro

Get excited for the National 2020 Cookie Pro Contest! From February 1st to March 2nd, girls can share their unique cookie business skills for a chance to win the VIP experience of a lifetime in Orlando, Florida. Twenty-four Girl Scouts (four per level) will travel to Orlando with a parent or guardian for three days of fun-filled adventure, where they will be a VIP guest at G.I.R.L. 2020, experience Orlando’s theme parks with a special-access pass, meet Girl Scouts of the USA’s CEO Sylvia Acevedo, enjoy exclusive swag, giveaways, and more!


Perfect Your Pitch

While some Girl Scouts may be a little intimidated to approach new customers, practicing a sales pitch with your girl will help to ease nerves and give them the confidence they need to succeed! Try reviewing each of these components with your Girl Scout:

  • Greet the customer and introduce yourself
  • Share your personal/troop goals
  • Ask the customer if they would like to buy cookies
  • Recommend your favorite cookie
    • Not interested? Suggesting donating through Care to Share!
    • No cash? Consider accepting alternative forms of payment!
    • **A favorite tip from our top sellers? Always upsell! Turn a one-box sale into four by offering “4 for $20.”
  • Close the sale
  • Always thank the customer before saying goodbye!

Try having the girls practice scenarios with the different types of customers they might encounter. What will they say if a customer doesn’t like sweets, isn’t carrying cash, already purchased boxes from another troop, etc.?


Know The Product!

In order to turn their sale into a success, make sure your girls are cookie experts! Try playing a trivia game, holding a cookie taste test, etc. to test their knowledge. We love this simple and fun DIY “Headbandz” game!

Some topics to practice:

  • How much does a box of cookies cost? ($5.00 each!)
  • What kind of cookies would chocolate-lovers like? (Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, S’mores, & Caramel deLites!)
  • Are any of the cookies gluten-free? (The Caramel Chocolate Chip!)
  • How can people donate cookies? (Through Care to Share, which goes to military overseas or local first responders!)
  • How can they order more from you? (Hint: make sure you’re signed up with Smart Cookies!)
  • How long is the sale? (January 25th – March 8th!)
  • How long have Girl Scouts been around? (Since 1912!)


And just like that, your girls are ready to go for cookie season! No matter how big or small her goals, with your support and her determination, we know she’ll have your best season yet!

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