Booth Bosses: All about Cookie Boothing!

One of Girl Scouts’ favorite ways to interact with community members, meet their goals, and sell with friends is to hold a cookie booth! Cookie booths are the perfect place for girls to leverage their cookie smarts, unleash their entrepreneurial spirit, and share what being a Girl Scout is all about. In order to make sure your girls are as successful as they can be, read on for a few helpful tips and tricks for boothing!


Boothing Basics

Leading up to your scheduled boothing time, make sure you have everything you need ready to go! Check off each of these essential items first:

  • Are girls in their uniforms, Girl Scout-branded clothing, or other identifying insignia?
  • Is the booth in a designated, council-approved area?
  • Is the booth free from blocking a store entrance or exit?
  • Do you have a first-aid kit available at the booth?
  • Is a parent or volunteer scheduled to be present at all times?
  • Are these volunteers approved and background checked?
  • Have you decided how you’ll accept payment?
  • Do you have a cash box ready for safekeeping?


Know Before You Go

Help prepare your girls for potential questions they might receive from customers so that they can beat the nerves and continue to build their people skills! When asked about Girl Scouts, here are three simple topics girls can focus on:

  1. Why they love it!

What is your favorite part about being a Girl Scout? Maybe it’s the sisterhood, community service, camp, or cookies! Ask your girls what they love about being a Girl Scout so that they have a few responses on hand and fresh in their minds.

  1. The fun they’re having and things they’re learning!

What are some of the badges they are currently working on or recently earned? How about an interesting program they just attended? Girl Scouts is about so much more than cookies, it’s built on STEM, the outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship! Prompt girls by asking them about some of their favorite recent experiences, and build on it!

  1. How they plan to spend their earnings!

A very common question girls get while boothing is about where the cookie money goes. Not only does it help our council power unique, amazing experiences for girls year-round, but girls also work together to decide how to spend their earnings – 100% of cookie proceeds stay local! Encourage girls to share their personal and troop sales goals. Do you have a service project you’re saving up for, a summer at camp, or an exciting trip? Let the people know!

**For tricky “What If” scenarios and how to respond to negative situations, visit here.

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Bling it Up!

The best way to catch a potential customer’s eyes? An inviting booth with excited Girl Scouts! Grab the girls and your glue sticks to create some fun and easy ways to draw in foot traffic at your next booth:

  • Show off your goals

Make your goals a focal point! Not only is it a great talking point for girls, but customers love to see exactly what their purchase is going towards.

  • Pick a theme

Go full-out by decking out your booth in a creative theme (or even incorporating costumes!). We love these Dr. Seuss, construction site, and luau booths!

  • Upcycle materials

Reduce, reuse, and recycle those cookie boxes! Teach your girls to use resources wisely by using materials you already have on hand to create banners, cookie displays, cash boxes, and more!

And with that, your girls are set up for a fun and successful cookie season! Looking for more awesome booth inspiration? Check out our Pinterest for DIY projects, decorations, and more! If you’re looking for a cookie booth, visit here to find a location near you.

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