Ways to Thank Your Girl Scout Volunteer

Girl Scout volunteers know the way to our hearts. They pick us up when we’re feeling down, encourage us to try new things, and cheer us on through every new challenge. When we think about all of the time and efforts our volunteers give to us, we stop and wonder – what can we do to show them how much we appreciate them?

April is National Volunteer Month, and April 22 is Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day, which means it is the perfect time to show your favorite volunteer a little extra love! Take on one of these tasks solo or get your troop in on a fun surprise. Whatever you choose, send us a photo to media@girlscoutsccc.org so we can help spread some joy this month!

1.      Post a Social Media Shout-Out

We have spent a lot of time online this year, but you can easily brighten your leader’s day with a sweet post on social media! Film a special video explaining what you think their volunteer superpower is. Take a photo with a handmade sign expressing your appreciation. You can even create a unique piece of art (sidewalk chalk, a painting, get creative!) and share it for the world to see! Don’t forget to tag your leader and our council (@girlscoutsccc on Instagram or @girlscoutsCAcentralcoast on Facebook) so we can share!

Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day

2.      Make a Homemade Gift

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show your volunteer you care! Check out our new Pinterest board for plenty of ideas you can complete at home. Paint a rock with a special message for your leader to place in their garden! Do you have some leftover boxes from cookie season? Make an upcycled notebook or bookmarks! For girls with a flair for words, try writing an acrostic poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word or message. If your Girl Scout wants to get extra creative, try making a DIY bath bomb or silhouette artwork for a sweet gesture that your leader will love.

3.      Surprise Them

There are plenty of ways to surprise your favorite volunteer to leave a smile on their face! Decorate a yard sign and place it in their yard, letting everyone know that “An Amazing Volunteer Lives Here!” Do you have multiple volunteers or leaders you would like to thank? Create unique certificates with special awards like Outdoor Extraordinaire, Cookie Champion, or STEM Superstar, and present them at your next troop meeting! You can also pitch in with your troop to send flowers to their house or put together a personalized gift, like these themed potted herb plants!

If you would like to gift your awesome volunteer some Girl Scout gear, stop by one of our retail locations on April 22! All leaders will receive 25% off their purchase* and a free Leader’s Day Flower Patch.

4.      Reach Out!

There is no better way to say “thank you for all that you do” by simply reaching out! When is the last time you sent a letter by mail? Break out your favorite stationery or decorate a handmade card and send it via snail mail! You can also find plenty of free eCards that you can personalize and send through email for a special surprise straight to your leader’s inbox. If it’s been a while since your troop has met in person, you might want to consider simply picking up the phone and giving them a call! There are few better ways to let someone know you’re thinking of them than letting them hear it straight from you!

5.      Pitch in for a Club Pass

Is your favorite Girl Scout volunteer an outdoor enthusiast? Give them a year of Girl Scout fun by gifting them a Camp Arnaz Club Pass! Get the troop together to pitch in and select from Archery Club, BB Gun Shooting Club, Astronomy Club, or All Access. They’ll get to enjoy a full year of outdoor skill-building and adventure at our Camp Arnaz Program Center, located in Ventura County.

6.      Make a Donation in Their Honor

Girl Scout volunteers are passionate about everything they do and probably have some favorite causes that they love to support! For the leader that can’t get enough of nature, consider having a tree planted in their honor or virtually adopt an endangered animal. Many conservation organizations will even send you a special gift and certificate! Does your Girl Scout volunteer truly bleed green? Support a Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast Program Center, new additions to Camp Arnaz, or donate in their name!

Every gesture, big or small, means so much to the individuals that give their heart and soul to Girl Scouts! We are so incredibly grateful for all of the work they do and for all of you Girl Scouts helping make sure they know how truly special they are.