Starting with Girl Scout Sunday and ending with Girl Scouts’ 110 birthday, Girl Scout week is an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a Girl Scout and a time when we shout our Girl Scout pride from the rooftops! In celebration of this special Girl Scout tradition, we’ve put together a list of recommended activities that will make your Girl Scout week extra special!

Sunday, March 6 – Girl Scout Sunday – Plan a Girl Scouts Celebrate Faith event. Find a quiet, peaceful place to think about all of the things you are grateful for. Write down all the things you’re thankful for and state why.

Monday, March 7 – Serving the Community – Have toys or clothes that you don’t use anymore? Donate them to a local charity in community! You can also volunteer at a local charity if time permits!

Tuesday, March 8 – Serving the Environment – Pick up any debris that you see lying around! Go outside and plant your favorite flower or a tree in your backyard. Our environment is precious and it’s of upmost importance that we take care of it today and always!

Wednesday, March 9 – Getting Outdoors – Get outside today! Juliette Gordon Low, our founder, loved the outdoors! Play games, go geocaching, explore your backyard, go on a hike, or have another kind of outdoor adventure for at least 30 minutes.

Thursday, March 10 –  Girl Scouting around the World – Learn about what it means to be a Global Girl Scout! Girl Scouts are constantly making an impact in their community and across the world. Make a list of what you would like to change in the world or what you would like to change in your own community and the steps you would take to achieve those changes.

Friday, March 11 – Serving Family and Friends – Do a good deed! Think of ways that you can help your family and friends. You could do chores at home, clean your room, or help a family member with something at home! You can also form a study group with your friends or form a book club to help each other gain more knowledge of what you’re reading.

Saturday, March 12 – Girl Scout’s 110 Birthday and Girl Scout Sabbath! – Wear your vest or sash on our Birthday! Attend a Happy Birthday Girl Scouts event near you! You can also host your own Girl Scout Birthday Party to celebrate and bake a cake with your troop! Send us a photo of your Girl Scout spirit and how you celebrated to

No matter how you choose to celebrate on each day, remember that every good deed you do makes a difference, regardless of how big or how small it is! Don’t forget to send us a picture to and show us what you did!