Girl Scout Volunteers Make the Difference!

One thing that all great Girl Scout memories have in common? They were made possible by the efforts of volunteers. Often times these volunteers work diligently behind the scenes to support every need of the Girl Scout Community. They are the help build the change-makers, trailblazers, and explorers- the girls that learn all the potential they have inside of them from the encouragement of leaders around them-our volunteers.

We know we’re not alone when we say we love our volunteers. When asked about their troop leaders, 86% of Girl Scouts said their leader makes them feel important and 94% of parents/caregivers say their Girl Scout’s leader made their family feel like part of a community.

With all this love in the air, consider this your friendly reminder that Volunteer Appreciation Month is just around the corner. Don’t worry – it’s not until April, so you still have time to write a heartfelt card, create a fabulous piece of troop artwork, or pick out a snazzy piece from the new adult apparel line to show your appreciation. Remember – sometimes the best things aren’t things at all but a helping hand.

How to Thank a Volunteer(s)

1.      Send a Digital E-Card

Send some inbox love to your favorite volunteer(s). You can add a heartfelt note and choose your favorite E-Card we created to send that special volunteer. Need some help with your message? Think of your favorite memory or activity with that volunteer or share a funny story. The link to the GSCCC E-Card creator is here.

SU 250 mega-drop Team during the 2023 Cookie Season

SU 250 mega-drop Team during the 2023 Cookie Season

2.      Make a Handmade Card

Along with an e-card, you can even make your own customized card. Our retail centers are collecting handmade cards from our Girl Scouts to distribute to our volunteers across all of our counties! So while you are making one for a specific volunteer, you can also write one for the many other volunteers that make Girl Scouts fun!

Visit the following select program centers for card making materials at no cost:

San Luis Obispo Office
1119 Chorro Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401​

Santa Barbara Program Center
La Cumbre Plaza
121 Hope Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Oxnard Program Center
The Collection at Riverpark
581 Town Center Drive
Oxnard, CA 93036

Thousand Oaks Program Center
Thousand Oaks Mall
350 W Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

You can print out, decorate, and personalize on of our super cute thank-you cards below as well.

Daisies | Brownies | Juniors (PDF) 
Cadettes | Seniors | Ambassadors (PDF)

3. Share an Image

We love to share inspiring stories, quotes, and images from your experience with a Girl Scout volunteer. Be sure to send your images or a quote/fun story about your volunteers.

  • Send a favorite image of you and your favorite volunteer.
  • Send us a quote about what your favorite volunteer(s)
  • Share a fun story about an experience with a volunteer.

4.      Say It With Service

Troop leaders are busy people. What could you do to help make their lives easier? Help with the recycling? Clean up after an troop event? Wash their car? Rake their leaves? Prepare their garden for planting? Work with your troop sisters to offer assistance to your troop volunteers to say thank you.

Feeling the love but not a member yet? You can join the ranks of some incredible men and women who make the difference. Our volunteer applications is always open. You can get started with loads of training materials in the Volunteer Toolkit to bring you up to speed and help you guide your troop through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Start making your own incredible Girl Scout memories today!