You Know You’re a Girl Scout Volunteer When…

It’s no secret how much Girl Scouts love our volunteers – they help mentor us, build confidence, learn new skills, and develop confidence in ourselves! So what does being a Girl Scout volunteer mean to these very individuals? We at Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast did some surveying and asked our volunteers that very question!

You Know You’re a Girl Scout Volunteer When…

“You are exhausted, and you just finished a week- long day camp for the first time. But then one little girl comes up, gives you flowers, and said she had the best week of her life!!” – Karen Noel, SLO County


“You see a girl grow. It is the most awesome feeling to witness a girl mastering a new skill!” – Holly Nishida, SLO County


“When you love helping girls and leaders.” – Marsha Hill, Santa Barbara County


“Your next free weekend is two and a half months away!” – Lisa McKinny, SLO County


“Everyone you know is asking if you have cookies!” – Julie Sainz, Santa Barbara County


“Your phone never stops ringing or buzzing!” –  James Aguilar, Ventura County


“Your dining room has become your troop office/craft/storage center.” – Rebecca Picek, Santa Barbara County


“When you realize you always carry a bandana, masking tape and a Sharpie pen. When you can light a fire for another group at the beach fire circle because you have matches and fire starters in your picnic bag. When it is August & you found a package of GS cookies buried in your freezer. Yum.” – Eileen Murta, SLO County


“Your garage is full of camping gear, your car is full of cookies and your time is filled with laughter.” – Kamber Doucette, SLO County


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