What Girl Scouts Means to You

The benefits of Girl Scouts span so much further than our girls, our volunteers benefit, too! Volunteers help Girl Scouts develop crucial skills and confidence to launch them into a lifetime of leadership. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, eighty-eight percent of Girl Scout volunteers say their volunteer experience with us makes their life better. Volunteers are not only the role models who get to help girls discover new interests and passions, but they also get to share in each memorable moment. Here’s what our volunteers have to say about what Girl Scouts means to them:


“Girl Scouts, for me, is an organization of women whose purpose is mentoring girls to explore the world, identify needs or problems and seek solutions as they seek to find themselves and their purpose in life.”

     – Eileen Murta; Los Osos

“I bleed green.  Other committed Girl Scout volunteers know about this phenomenon; they bleed green, too. Seriously, Girl Scouts is a big part of my life, and everyone who knows me knows how committed I am to the program.  I am always talking about Girl Scouts, and occasionally even recruit a new volunteer just by telling them how they can get involved.  My standard response when somebody tells me they were once a Girl Scout is, ‘You still can be.'”

     – Holly Nishida; Arroyo Grande

james 2.jpg

“It means giving my daughter and all the other girls a head start in skills of both the camping world and in making the world a better place, one Girl Scout at a time.”

     – James Aguilar; Simi Valley

“Girl Scouts means an organization that nurtures girls to become the best they can become and help others to do the same.  It covers so many kinds of activities – community service, camping, leadership, songs-games-crafts, outdoor skills, budgeting, travel, and on and on.  There is something for everyone.”

     – Marsha Hill; Goleta


     – Lisa McKinny; Templeton

“Girl Scouts to me means friendship, outdoors, new experiences/adventures, memories and life-changing opportunities.”

     – Julia Sainz; Santa Maria

rebecca 1“Girl Scouts is fun!  When I started out seven years ago, I had no idea how much I would get out of being involved. It’s changed my life in so many ways. I’ve met a group of leaders who were kind enough to show me the ropes, mentor me and inspire me. I got to know my daughter’s friends in a way that I would not have otherwise. But it’s the simple things that mean the most. If I get to play a role in letting them know that someone cares, it’s a fulfilling experience to me.”

     – Rebecca Picek; Santa Maria

“An opportunity to let girls grow.”

– Kamber Doucette; Arroyo Grande

“It means to have the confidence in yourself, the courage to make things happen and to not be afraid of the unknown. Dream big, be kind, have manners and give back to others.”

     – Karen Noel; Paso Robles


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